Nick Marion is a certified strength and conditioning coach that has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years and has an extensive background in the health and wellness industry. He is the owner of Nick Marion fitness and his clientele ranges fro 18-89 years old. Nick was also former director of education at National Personal Training Institute of California that certified thousands of students. Nick has owned numerous private gyms and has taught, mentored and trained thousands of clients, athletes and patients over his 15 year career. His goals are to continually teach, inspire, and motivate everyone to get in shape and have a different outlook on health and wellness.

"Fitness doesn't have to be hard, it has to be consistent, strategically planned, and executed day in and day out."

Q: How does the online program work?
A: After the initial phone consultation, Nick will guide you to the best possible program for your specific goals.  Most clients purchase the 12 week program that uses state of the art medical grade software to monitor and assess each client with the most precise and accurate measurements in the industry. You'll also get three different workout and cardio progression programs. You'll be expected to complete each one every 4 weeks and update your progress through photos and phone follow-ups

Q: What should I expect with the online program?
A: You should expect to lose 15-30 pounds and 2-10% body fat in the 12 week period as well as a full body composition overhaul.

Q: Where is the gym located?
A: We are located in Pacific Beach, San Diego, California.

Q: Why should I choose Nick Marion fitness to get me to my fitness goals?
A: Nick's methods have been proven over a 15 year career with  numerous clients who have lost thousand of pounds and inches.  He is a true professional and master of his craft. He delivers results or your money back!

We are conveniently located in downtown  San Diego. Our facility is a private building that offers an endless selection and variety of equipment, as well as the most experienced staff in town.