More than just a fitness program!


Nick Marion Fitness is committed to offering the industries best tailored online fitness experience to each and every one of his clients.  The process is simple, you can pick anyone of our proven programs below, click on the link and get started on your fitness journey anywhere where in the world.  Nick will be with you every step of the way!  


Jump Rope

Jump Rope Cardio Program

Famous 50k in 50 day jump rope program

This program is designed to help progress you into amazing cardiovascular shape. It’s a 5,000 jump rope revolution in 50 day challenge that will have you melting off the fat and allowing your heart and lungs to breathe optimally. Jump rope and program included.

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Back to basics

Back to Basics

8 week back to basics program

A program designed to teach the basic principles of human movement as well as work on deficiencies and correct posture. Weeks 1-4 focus on posture, core, and balance. Weeks 4-8 focus on basic total body integrated movement. 

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Fit in 4

Get fit in four weeks

This is a four week interval blast designed to get you on a fitness journey. Week 1 focus on pre-conditioning, week 2 focus on core-conditioning, week 3 focuses on strength endurance, and week four focuses on power endurance. You will be pushed to the limit in this program. You can expect to lose 8-12 pounds and 2-6% body fat. 

A program designed to teach the basic principles of human movement as well as work on deficiencies and correct posture.

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4S2 Program

Get brutally strong

Get brutally strong with this four stage strength program. 12 weeks to brutal strength and breaking personal records. Stage 1 is endurance, stage 2 is muscular growth, stage 3 is maximum strength and stage 4 is explosive strength. You can conduct the program online or in person (recommended). You will gain more muscle than you ever have before. Master the big lifts such as the squat, bench, pull-up and dead-lift. Learn to be a force in the gym, not a spectator.

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Corrective Exercises


This program integrates a specific strategy to fixing issues and pre-existing injuries. This program helps anybody looking to get back in the gym feel heathy and balanced. Week 1 focuses on ROM and nervous system imbalance adjustments. Week 2 focuses muscular imbalance adjustments. Week 3 focuses on basic human movement. Week 4 focuses on basic fitness program. 

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Band Camp


We designed this program to get you in shape without a gym, anytime, anywhere. Resistance band set and program included.

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The Lifestyle Training Package


We designed this program to help the lifestyle client achieve a balanced fitness program that will be able to be utilized forever. 

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